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The UCLA Sephardic Archive Initiative (SAI) is pleased to announce the launch of our digital project celebrating 100 years of Sephardic life in Los Angeles. This landmark project -- a product of the UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies and the SAI, with the cooperation of UCLA Library Special Collections and support from the Maurice Amado Foundation -- aims to showcase the vibrancy of Sephardic culture in the City of Angels, shedding light on its astonishing diversity past and present. In 25 rich, multimedia essays, we explore the intersecting migratory, cultural, and urban histories of Jews from across the Mediterranean and Middle East, from Iraq and Iran to North Africa, Ottoman Anatolia, and the Balkans (as well as the post-Ottoman states of Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Syria and beyond). By allowing you to explore these stories in an accessible, digital space, “100 Years of Sephardic Los Angeles” offers new insight into how L.A.’s Sephardic community worked and relaxed, socialized and served their city, prayed and performed, and came to understand themselves as Jews and as Angelenos.

Join us in celebrating 100 Years of Sephardic life in Los Angeles by visiting!

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