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Ijo/a de kyen sos tu? “Who do you belong to?"

Located twenty miles north of downtown, Sunland Park was a popular destination for weekend trips, offering sports fields, carnival rides and large picnic areas shaded by 700 year old oaks.  It was for Sephardic Jews as well, as captured in this photo of a picnic hosted by the Sephardic Sisterhood of Los Angeles from June 28th 1925, which appears in the Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel Archive at UCLA Library Special Collections. 


We are hoping to learn as much as we can about this event and the people who attended it and we need your help! Zoom in on the photo below and use the numbers attached to each person to identify anyone you can – preferably his or her name but if not, anything else you might remember about them – and email the information to us at Be sure to include the numbers associated with the person so we can understand whom you’re referring to. We’ll keep updating the list below as we go until we’ve identified everyone! Thank you!

2. Betty (Hattem) Donnell
3. Isidore Maurice Hattem with his daughter, Betty (Hattem) Donnell
13. Rose (Levin) Hattem with her daughter, Estrella Hattem
14. Rose (Levin) Hattem with her daughter, Estrella Hattem
16. Bob Hattem
67. Moise H. Hattem
114. Solomon Hattem
120. Esther Caraco
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