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Like the City of Angels itself, the Sephardic community of Los Angeles is internally diverse, with immigrant roots that stretch across the Mediterranean and Middle East and into Europe, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America. In Autumn of 2020, the Sephardic Archive Initiative will release a comprehensive digital exhibit celebrating one hundred years of Sephardic life in Los Angeles. The exhibit will document the diverse journeys Sephardim embarked upon en route to southern California, and explore the lives, families, institutions and cultures these Jews built within the urban fabric of Los Angeles. As we work towards that goal, we will share pieces of our research and works-in-progress by a variety of scholars here. 

In the meantime, we need your help! The photograph below was taken at a picnic hosted by the Sephardic Sisterhood of Los Angeles at Sunland Park near Big Tujunga Canyon in the San Fernando Valley on June 28th, 1925. We are hoping to identify as many of the people in the photo as we can as part of a feature for the digital project. Do you recognize anyone in the photo? Perhaps one of your parents, grandparents, or family friends?  Or maybe your parents or grandparents recognize someone? If so, click here and let us know!

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